Tips for getting your profile noticed

Your Talents and Skills

Your rates

Your profile is how employers finds you and decide to hire you or not, so it is important that your profile is neat and filled with details about your qualifications, talents and skills. Imagine that your profile is an interview, the employer will decide to hire you based on what you show them.

Enter your name, keep it real. You can add a display name which is what will be seen on the site on your posts, services and profile.

In your profile you can set your hourly rate in a range format. This is the hourly rate that you will charge for different jobs, be realistic, but don’t sell yourself short, meaning don’t put a lower rate than you are worth because you think this will bring you more work. It might bring you more work, but is that enough money to survive on?

A tag line is just a short phrase or a few works about you. (this is searchable so use it to your advantage).


Who is the freelancer?

Personalise your presence

Add information about yourself, what you can do, what you have done and what you can offer.  This is a brief about your, it is the first thing employers will read about you, so keep it simple but precise.  Don’t come across as arrogant, and don’t promise something you can’t deliver. 

Add the languages you speak.  Remember this has to do with the ability to use that language in a working environment, so if you know how to order a beer in Spanish it doesn’t mean you have a basic knowledge of Spanish.  You will need to select a level for each language you add. 

As the site is in English, add your level of English as well.  You can post services in any language you want, but this will limit you to employers who speak that language only.

For freelancer type, you have 3 options, Independent, agency or rising talent.  Select the one that identifies you the best.  Note that employers often use this to filter their choices.

Upload an image that represents you.  Some people prefer not to upload the face picture, and this is ok, but don’t put a picture of the Simpsons for example, select something that represents you, a face picture would be the best option as this will allow the employers to identify you as a person and not a character or work of art. 

You can also add a banner/background image, this again should be something elegant or something that represents you as a person.  It could be a simple colour or it could be a picture of an office or a nice design, keep it simple, you don’t want to distract from you here.

You can also upload images to your gallery, this would generally be images of completed jobs or information you want to share with possible employers about who you are and what you can do.  This is not the place to post pictures of your holidays last summer.


Your CV

Experiences, Competences

You can upload your CV (resume) as well.  Some people prefer to make a CV specifically for the services they will be posting on JobsToDo.  Remember to leave our personal information like email and telephone numbers from your uploaded CV.

Add your location.  Some employers like to hire people from specific countries, either because of language or just personal choice.  The site has the option for employers to search for freelancers based on their location, so don’t leave this blank.

Add your skills, you can search the different skills listed and add the ones that you have.  You need to be honest and realistic here.  Skills are what will get your seen better, but if you add skills that you don’t really have this will have a negative impact on your online rating.  Also be honest with the percentage of the competence of each skill.  If you have just learned how to program in C++ but don’t have much experience, put 50%, you can always increase this as your experience increases.

Now fill in your experience and education, projects you have completed, awards or certificates you have received, and add video links for work you have done or even a promo video selling yourself.

It is very important to add specializations and Industrial experience.  Again, this is can be filtered by employers, so select the ones that are relevant to your education, experience and competence.

Spend time on your profile.  You can go back and edit it whenever needed but make sure you spend enough time to make it perfect, or as close to perfect as you can.  Good profiles get more jobs, so take your time to set it up correctly.

We have a dedicated team of experts who can help your with your profile, just drop us a message and we will help you were we can.


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