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1. Create your profile / Sign Up

Simple, Secure, and you control every aspect
  • How to I get started?

    Setup an Account

    To get started you will need to set up an account as an Employer.  It is a simple procedure that takes less than 2 minutes. 

    Register / Sign Up

  • Verify Your Email

    Did you check your email?

    Check your email and junk mail to receive a verification number to add on the site of to verify your email. Check your junk email. Do not forget to add to your safe list.


2. Post Job or Buy Service

Create a Job or Project
  • Post a Job

    How do I Post a Job?

    Simply complete the details of your job requirements in the below form. 

    Go to your dashboard and post a job from the left side menu panel.

    Go to Dashboard

  • Buy a Service

    Freelancer may already have prepackaged services ready for you. This could from simple translation services to graphics and many other fields. This is a good option If instead of posting a job, you are searching for more simple service.


    View Available Services


3. How To Start Hiring

Simple, Secure, and you control every aspect


You can select from the below options which you can combine in order to hire the best freelancer for your project needs.

  • 1. Select the best Proposal

    After posting your job, freelancers will start submitting proposals. Review the proposals and select the best candidate.

    Go to your dashboard and View Proposals

  • 2. Browse Freelancers

    You can start searching directly for the talent you need.  You can search by location or by skill required.  Review the freelancers skills, experience and rates and send them an offer.  It's that simple.


    Browse Freelancers


4. Job Completed !

Time to review the freelancer

After hiring your freelancer, the job post will no longer be visible to other freelancers. Communicate with your freelancer and they submit the work to you.

Once the job is successfully completed you may review the freelancer.


5. Payment is secured

Safe and Secure Services

The advantage of using JobsToDo is that your payment is always secure.  The freelancers will not get paid until they complete the job to your satisfaction.  And if the Job is not done, your money will be refunded.

  • Ensuring the Job gets done

    When is my job completed?

    When you create a Job you list the requirements and deliverables.  Once the job is delivered by the hired talent you can mark the Job as completed and release the payment to the freelancer.  If you are not satisfied you can request revisions to be done and the Job to be delivered again. 

    In case of disagreements you may open a dispute in order for JobsToDo to mediate and help find a solution on the dispute. (simple process)

  • Simplified Payment Options

    How do I pay for the Job?

    Depending on the type of Job you have set up, it can either be a fixed price or per hourly rate.

    The job can be a simple task or a complex task.  You can set up milestones and add funds per milestone and release them as the milestone is reached and then move on to the next milestone. 

    These are terms you will agree on with the freelancer before you start your contract.


Start as a Freelancer

Start your career and grow.

Start as a Freelancer

Start your career and grow.
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Start as an Employer

Grow your business and hire the perfect talent for your jobs.

Start as an Employer

Grow your business and hire the perfect talent for your jobs.
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