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What is it about?

JobsToDo is a social enterprise of OTI Group.  OTI Group is an umbrella international organisation that focuses on 4 main pilars. Community, Education, Environment and Employment with JobsToDo.eu focuses on the employment aspect and helping young entrepreneurs develop their skills, with the goal of increasing their employability and reducing unemployment.

JobsToDo was set up to help overcome the increase in unemployment in the EU and in Europe.  Trying to help young people overcome the challenges they face by empowering them to take the bull by the horns and showcase their talent, and contribute to the economic growth of their countries and Europe.

So what does JobsTodo do?

The world is constantly changing, and there will always be some factor to influence change, be it COVID, an economic crisis or even an economic boom.  Change is not always bad, as long as we move with the times and keep ahead of the rising needs in the different markets.

The world of employment has had it's ups and downs and we see new trends all the time, but some trends are here to stay.  Cost of employment is one of the most costly elements of any business, but without staff, how can we succeed?

This is where JobsToDo can help both employers and talented people.  The process is very simple, employers need the talent to do certain jobs.  The choice is either full-time, part-time employment or outsourcing and subcontracting.  All of these have a cost, the question is which one is economically feasible?

There is no easy answer to this without doing a full audit of your staffing costs.  

So why use JobsToDo?

If you have a Job that needs to be done, you can either employ someone to do it or you can find someone to do it and pay just for the Job that you need.  Let's say you need a logo designed for your new business, you could employ a graphic designer and pay them on a monthly basis to do something that should not take more than a couple of hours, or you could go to an advertising agency, or you could find a talented person on JobsToDo who can do it for you in a couple of hours, pay them for exactly that and carry on running your business.  The choice is yours.

JobsToDo simply brings employers and talented people together to ensure Jobs are done as needed when needed, and with the security needed to ensure everyone does the job right.

It's that simple.  Dream it, Post it, Do it!


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