What can I do?

This seems to be the hardest question to answer for most people.  Regardless of your education, skills or experience, everyone can do something, and companies are looking for that something and are willing to pay for it to be done.

Let’s first look at how we can identify our skills and then add services to our profile.  Everyone has some level of education, starting with school and even University for others, based on our education, we have different skills which we can turn into jobs, which in turn will generate income for us.  Looking at trends in the EU, many people have studied to be school teachers but are unable to find work, so let’s explore the different skills a school teacher has and can offer.

A school teacher is able to read well, present ideas and educate people.  This is the Job description for a teacher anyway, so let’s see how we can turn this info services that employers can buy. 

  • From the go, we need to look at teaching.  Many people are buying online courses, getting private lessons online and even tutoring.  Depending of your field of study in teaching you can create a variety of courses or lessons based on your expertise.  
  • Proof-reading.  Companies and even students often need their work reviewed to ensure that it is grammatically correct.
  • Typing and data entry.  Many companies look for people to type up hand written work into electronic format.

As you can see from the above, we have listed a couple of things something can do based on their education.  These are just a few of the many things you can offer as a freelancer, there are no limits.

Some might say, what if I don’t have a degree, can I still offer services?  Yes, you can.  Most people don’t realise that what comes naturally or seams easy to us, is not always easy for others.  Look at typing for example; all you need to do it is a computer, or access to a computer.  Some people type faster than others, but many employers pay people do typing work for them and pay by the page. 

Commons services, that don’t require a special education, that people offer and are in great demand are:

  • Typing
  • Proof-reading
  • Transcribing
  • Data entry
  • Website and App testing
  • Product testing (online)

These are just a few things to help you get started, as you can see there are many options available to you, simply take some time to explore the different skills and competences you have and build services around these. 

Another way to find ideas for Jobs to do is to go through the different categories and see what you can do, there are over 300 and we are constantly adding new ones, if you look through them and a voice pops up in your head saying, “hey, I can do that” you are on your way to a good start. 

Due to popular demand we have added a number of offline/onsite categories.  As a result of COVID and the ever growing demand for jobs to do, people have requested that we add jobs like moving furniture assembly, grocery shopping, to name but a few, remember these are local services, so make sure you have allowed location services so that you can be matched with people looking for services in your area.

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