Secrets To Succes

This article will help you setup a successful profile on JobsToDo.

Your objective is to get noticed, be it your profile so people can hire you for the jobs you can do, or for your services, so people can buy your services.

Speed is the keyword when it comes to online services.  People have a shorter attention span than before so don’t want to read endless articles and information.  Sadly, this article needs to be long as it contains a lot of details 😊 – I will try to be brief though.

  • Let’s start with graphics. Your profile needs an image, use a background as well, it catches the eye better
  • Give enough details, but don’t write too much
  • Select your skill carefully, these are the most important
  • Mention previous work
  • Choose experiences and industry skills
  • Be friendly
  • If you can, feature your services

You profile and service page are basically an interview.  It allows employers to see what you can do and how much you charge for it.  Make sure you present yourself and your service well so that people are inclined to select it.

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