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Cosmic Algorithm Limited (CAL) was incorporated 2018 with the express intent to trade the Global – Foreign Exchange – Currency Markets (G-FX-CM).


It evaluated already available algorithms to trade and found their performance unreliable over longer durations, CAL existed in market in early 2020 and determined instead to develop its own algorithms including Adaptive – Artificially Intelligent Algorithms (A-AIA).


CAL, commencing early 2021, re-entered the market, launching its first two algorithms as back-tested with a net gain capacity of 30%+, ergo, post all trading associated costs, related to either execution and backroom service subscriptions such as hosting.


The performance of the current algorithms trading can be statically viewed at – as periodically updated.


CAL now commits to building a portfolio of 20 algorithms with not more the one algorithm sourced per algorithmic programmer, the approach is taken to ensures diversity of approach.


CAL will pay, by way of Escrow, US$1,500 per algorithm sourced and fund the algorithm to live-trade in the amount of US$5,000 of which the programmer will be returned 20% of net gain.


CAL will require to own the algorithm by way of Confidentiality Agreement with the code written having been passed across.


CAL will not fund any algorithm which it does not own, outright.


Where CAL funds the live-trade account with third-party debt, the cost of that debt with be calculated and pre-agreement reached with the programmer as to the % rate which the programmer can expect.


Funding beyond US$5,000 on any given algorithm will not entitle the programmer(s) to additional return.


The programmers will report to CAL’s lead programmer, who, upon having taken control of the purchased algorithm, will deploy or not any maintenance / development changes sought by the source programmer.


Albeit the primary market targeted by CAL is G-FX-CM, (either Fiat or Cryptocurrency), CAL will consider algorithms outside it.


CAL will not consider purchase of any algorithm without first being able to make its own determination as to the integrity of back-testing, proof of performance capacity, data.


A programmer may only submit a second algorithm for purchase consideration upon successful 30%+ gain performance of the initial algorithm over a 12-month duration.


Kind regards, John Donnelly

Director, Cosmic Algorithm Limited

11 January 2021


PS – Formal scope attached

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