How it works (Freelancer)

It’s simple, It’s Easy and it’s Free

Dream It!

You have talent and want to share it with the world, and get paid for it.  Great, employers are looking for you!  Signup and create a profile.  Upload your CV and create a portfolio of work you have done.  Update your profile with information about your education, skills and talents.  Spend some time on this, this is how the world will find and see you.

Post It!

Your profile is ready and employers can now find you, but we have added an extra way for you to get seen and make money.  Create a service.  A service is something you can offer for a fixed price.  For example, if you are a graphic designer, you can post a service to design Corporate logos for €50.  You can also add extras to your services.

Services are an easy way to get employed for short term jobs.  Employers who need these services can instantly buy them without the need to discuss too many details.

Do it!

Once an employer buys your service or offers you a job based on a specific requirement, complete the required work and submit it to the employer.  Once accepted you will get paid.  Remember employers can rate your service, be great at what you do.

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