How it works (Employer)

It’s simple, It’s Easy and it’s Free

Dream It!

You have a new idea or a specific job that needs to be done.  You know what you want as an end result, leave the how it is going to be done to us.  Once you have your idea or job requirement finalised, you can move on to the next step.

Post It!

Create a new Job.  Outline what you need done in a Job post. For example, I need an eCommerce website. It is important to be detailed with the job you need done so that you only get offers from freelancers who are capable of doing the job.  Remember to add a budget for the job or how you would like to hire; fixed price or hourly rate.

Our algorithm will send your job to the freelancers which are most qualified to completed your job successfully.  Once you receive offers you can view the profiles of the freelancers, see their past jobs, checkout their CVs and their rates.  You can even chat with them to outline all your requirements and make sure they understand what you want.  Once you are happy with an offer you can accept the offer and hire the freelancer.  Once hired the freelancer will start working on your job.  You can be in constant communication with the freelancer sharing files and information.  Once the job is completed, the freelancer will submit the job to you, you can request additional revisions if needed or mark it as complete.

Do it!

Now that your job is complete you can realise your dream or project.  Hiring has never been easier.  And don’t forget, your payment is secure, we hold your payment until you are completely satisfied with the final product.  In the unlikely event that the job is not done, then you will be refunded.

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