Useful Lingo

We use some terms on this site to help you find what you are looking for more efficiently.

Here we will explain the terminology used to help you get underway faster.

We add terminology and your experience grows. You can request terminology you want to add.

A person offering their services on an hourly or per service rate

A person or company looking to purchase a server or employ a freelancer for a specific Job

A group of freelancers working under one account name

A required job posted by an employer with specific requirements

A project is a job but could comprise with multiple requirements, milestones, team members. A more complex job.

A job or task offered by the freelancer with set price(s), feature(s) on set delivery times, and extras. The freelancer specifies the details of the job/task offered.

The work will be undertaken at the premises the employer specifies. The use of  location technologies and maps are available.

The work will be undertaken from anywhere. The freelancer and employer will collaborate from any chosen location either specified or not.

The freelancer will work at the premises the employer specifies and a remote location, the time spent at each premises to be agreed between the employer and freelancer.

These are used by freelancers to make offers on Jobs posted by employers. Freelancers can top up, or purchase a subscription plan according to the freelancer’s choice.