Wordpress Developer - SEO - Social Media - Digital Marketing
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Welcome to my Profile, Say Hi to Me. My name is Shkelqim Emerllahu, Where I was Born and Raised in the State of Albania, Born…

Front-End Development, SEO, Content Creation & Management
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Hi my name is Peter, a front end developer specialized in bootstrapping, website optimization and content creation.

Creative Strategist | Consultant | Inbound Certified Digital Marketer

Our minds are amazing and chaotic. There are two things that fascinate me most in people and marketing. Logic and how rational yet irrational it…

German, English, Portuguese, Spanish, SEO, SEO Text, SEO content, Content writer
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Dear  potential Customer I am a polyglot linguist who is fluent in 5 languages and offer multilingual translation, SEO texter and content writing services at…

Freelance translator and proofreader Dutch English, French -> Dutch, German -> Dutch, French -> English, German -> English

Translator, proofreader and editor with 5 years experience in translating Dutch English, French -> Dutch, German -> Dutch, French -> English, German -> English. Experienced…

Frontend Web Developer
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Frontend Web Developer with experience with all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projects. Well-versed in numerous programming languages including HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript,…

Growth & Inbound Marketing Expert
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Dear Client,   I am Vassilis Sterianos. I am a senior Growth & Inbound Marketing Expert. I have 6+ years of hands-on and managerial experience…

Adaptable and extremely ambitious individual, friendly and professional; with a natural ability to communicate articulately at all levels.

An expensive career in the production/manufacturing industry for the past 7 years in London. Originally, my career began In womenswear Design, whereby I co-managed two…

Internet Marketer & Social Media
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I’m a Digital Marketer with knowledge on Google Ads , Facebook Ads , Social Media and other sub categories of Digital Marketing. I studied Internet…