Human Resources

  • Project costCost €12,000.00 - €12,000.00

Looking for a recruiter to set up interviews and shortlist staff for several bakery branches in London – remote workers accepted

  • Project LevelExpert
  • Job Duration03 to 06 months
  • Job typeJob type: Remote
  • Project typeProject type: Fixed Price
  • Project deadlineExpired
  • // United Kingdom
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Developing business opportunities
  • €75.00  / hr
  • // Croatia
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My professional focus is on developing business opportunities. I am really passionate about technology, from fundamental physics to information and communication technologies, with a pinch of…

Accounting and Finance or any management related
  • €6.00 - €8.00 / hr
  • // Union
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I obtained the Master of  Global Economy and Business at the University of Cassino and South Lazio. And I was trained in SAP financial  accounting…

Hr professional connecting the right people with the right jobs !
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I am offering my HR expertise: If you’re a freelancer/ job seeker : – if you want employers to pay attention to your job offer…

Business professional that can support with anything from administration to strategy. Specialising in projects and programmes.

I am a British management consultant (independent) living in Düsseldorf, Germany. I can help with any business related activity, and specialise in change management and…

Desempenho é tudo.
  • €1.00 - €8.00 / hr
  • // Portugal
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Concentrated in this context of crisis and in the needs of our customers, MUSPartners designs solutions to develop people and companies. We know that confident,…

Learn Swedish language,
  • €25.00 - €30.00 / hr
  • // Union
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Hi, Want to learn Swedish language or you are intersted in Scandinavian culture? I have also experiance in HR roll supporting Swedish, Finish and Danish…