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I have over 3 years of experience in the field of content and copy and consistently work with writing and/or editing various works of content and copy. I currently work as the Editor in Chief of a social enterprise in Bulgaria, working to inform the people living here and those wanting to live here about all things that will make life easier or more interesting.

Hence my dedication to providing superb quality and thoroughly researched informative articles. Don’t worry though, not only do I write informative articles, but I also spend time writing more “fun” articles to get the audience engaged. I have also recently started writing more technical articles about UX/UI and website creation.

I constantly edit the articles produced by the team I work with and am familiar with editing in both American English, as well as Australian English. I have provided editing services to various other entities and have edited books that are now available online.

This service is for a standard short article (<500 words) If you have something specific in mind or a special project, please contact me first and I can make a custom offer based on your needs.

 Sofia, Bulgaria
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