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Extracting 60 unique Compliances From the Given Document

  • Job typeJob type: Remote
  • Job DurationLess than a month
  • Project LevelBasic Level
  • Project deadlineExpired
  • // Arab Emirates

Project detail

Varal Consultancy is looking for candidates to do Micro Task jobs.


Job Responsibilities:


Finding and Extracting 60 unique compliances from the given google documents.

Job instructions will be provided while assigning the job.


Step 1– A document link will be provided to you in a Google Sheet in the email sent to you.

Step 2– You need to open the document in a separate tab.

Step 3– You need to extract 60 unique compliances from the given documents.Find them in the attached document and copy paste it in the sheet provided to you

Step 4– In order to make your job easier, you can use the set of keywords given in your sheet. Use Ctrl+F and find these in the attached document, then make sure what you found is a compliance and not a Heading or Title, and then paste it in the sheet provided to you.



Payment Method:


  • You will earn USD 3 for this whole job of extracting compliances after evaluation.
  • Note: Payment won’t be made for completely unrelated, wrong or incomplete answers.
  • Paypal account and Gmail account are mandatory.


How work will be evaluated


  1. How accurate is the data or result
  2. How complete is the data or result


You will be evaluated based on the above criteria. Those with higher ranks will be offered more jobs.


How To Apply: To apply please follow the instructions below. Do not apply through email


Step 1


  • Copy and Paste below link on your browser to open the registration form:




  • Fill out the form to register yourself.

Step 2


  • You will get an acknowledgment mail after registration and an email for the job being offered to you.



Who are we


Varal Consultancy DMCC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, provides services to clients who wish to set up a business in the UAE. E.g. Obtaining the appropriate business license, getting a UAE resident visa, bank accounts, and more than 50 other allied services. Varal has been serving clients since March 2010.

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