Entrepreneur in Communications, Marketing & Branding | Specialist in Sustainable Global Business

Hi, I’m Jannika, a communications strategist and digital marketing specialist. I help organizations across Europe taking their marketing and communications to the next level 📈…

Born to Keep and balance book
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Hello! I am currently living in Copenhagen, I am learning danish culture , learning and studying danish language in Speak school of Danish language in…

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Hello!  I work with translation and data entry. I have the ability to professionally translate, proofread, write, and type any text or document in English,…

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I am an 18 year old woman who would love to do translating jobs between the languages I speak.

Always here to help you x
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I’m a 22-year-old social work student. I have just started to look for freelancing jobs so I hope that someone is willing to give me…

Learn Swedish language,
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Hi, Want to learn Swedish language or you are intersted in Scandinavian culture? I have also experiance in HR roll supporting Swedish, Finish and Danish…