Agency Freelancers

Ivan Ivanov

Hello, my name is Ivan. I am proffesional discord developer, manager and moderator. I have been moderator in over fifty servers and i am creator of over twenty differents discord bots.

fatih Yeresacan

I do not like to rub myself, I like to show by working.

Barbara V.

  • 10 years of experience in Customer Relationship Management
  • Over 3 years of experience in Health and Safety in the UAE and in the UK
  • Successfully led dedicated, cross-functional and multi-cultural teams
  • Ability to manage multiple assignments independently and efficiently under pressure, while meeting d...

Andreas Athanasiou

Hi my name is Andreas, I like working hard to achive my tasks. I can talk two languages Greek and English. I can edit the lighting of your photos, test products and write an handwrited document to word document in 30 minutes minimum. Message me for the service you want me to do and I will contact you as soon as posible If I can to do it.