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Experienced 3D developer, designer, Technologist and Writer

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In June 1994, I moved from the Republic of South Africa to Slovenia. My parents are from Slovenia. With years of experience in various fields of engineering, I have developed expertise in technology and design. I have significant expertise in 3D development software and software for creating drawings and sketches.

I am also a WRITER. I have published two books, and I have participated in the preparation of books by other authors. I have experience in writing articles, essays and papers. I enjoy the challenge of researching subjects and writing. I have experience in academic style writing, casual style, depending on the intention.

I also write for an International news provider in Slovenia.


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Technologist, designer

  •  Apr 2004 - Jun 2020

I worked in a company involved in the development and manufacture of bulk handling and processing equipment. I was employed in the construction department, and I had responsibilities in the technical sector:
• Developing and designing mechanical devices and structures and modifying and adapting [existing] designs of devices to meet new/changed norms and requirements and to modern attachments and fittings (pneumatic, electrical, ).
• Translation and creation of documents and manuals in English. I monitored, revised and upgraded existing manuals
[according to ISO and EU directives and standards; for devices under ATEX directives, etc.]