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Full-stack developer proficient in JavaScript frameworks

With over 10 years of experience in developing websites and web apps, I have worked in several companies with different teams. My hands-on experience in freelancing also brought me out a lot of chances and empowered me strong capacity to manage any kind of project on strict timelines.

Now I fully understand the scope of knowledge and skills needed in my professional development. With my professional background in the entire software dev life cycle, I believe I have what it takes to be the perfect choice for the job.

Skilled in both front-end and back-end development, my skill set is diverse and complementary.

My skills and expertise range:

• Worked on stand-alone and team projects as a full-stack dev(React, Angular and Vue for front-end, and Node, Django, Ruby on Rails, .NET Core,  and Laravel for back-end) and helping customers integrate products into their daily lives

• Good knowledge of databases like MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and MS SQL, MongoDB

• Cloud services – AWS, Azure, Heroku, Google Cloud, Back4App, Firebase

• Proficient in Docker and Git

• Excellent communication skills grasping complex concepts and efficient work

• Strong problem solving and analytical skills

• Team player and able to work and learn independently when necessary


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