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Nurturing in nature in rural France

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I left my IT career after a very near miss with the Boxing Day Tsunami gave me a very big wake up call.   Hubby and I and our two dogs escaped ‘normality’ by travelling around Europe for 4 years with our two dogs until we found our new life in France in 2011.

Since then, we have setup and now run a holiday/fishing business in Rural France, where we are completely immersed in nature.  For me, it’s been life-changing.  From the stressed, hard-nosed, monkey minded, materialistic person that I once was, nature has helped in my transformation to an earth angel hippy chick full of gratitude yet still with an analytical brain.  As Claire Thompson says in her book ‘Mindfulness and the Natural World’, “Nature gives rise to all of life on the planet, including our own, and connecting with the natural world is an integral part of our happiness and well-being.”



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