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MBA graduate and certified Project Manager with Consulting experience | MBA, CAPM®

With 15+ years of experience, I combine a project-oriented with a hands-on approach mentality that makes it happen whilst providing high levels of service and standards and contributing to business development. To do it, I take the initiative, contribute with innovative ideas, and motivate others to achieve results, by bringing together diverse stakeholders to a common goal. I excel at communicating and creating long and trusting relations by managing client and project expectations. Through the years I have cultivated valuable business and personal connections to create an extensive and distinct network.

My experience in multiple environments has contributed to my various corporate views and a wide understanding of businesses and has enabled a more holistic approach to problem-solving.

I value integrity to lead the way and do the right thing, treat others with respect, and pay it forward, honest, and responsible dedication that fuels passionate teamwork.

Sportsman and sports lover, my life philosophy is “in life as in sport”. Sports have always fascinated me by the competition, the will to be better, to reach goals, to overcome challenges, and to show my skills.

To achieve results, effort and commitment were always my drivers. Practicing competitive sports has helped to form my personality and my identity because with the competition I have learned: to be patient ✪ resilient ✪ respect others ✪ focus on results ✪ not be afraid to take risks and take responsibility ✪ respect the rules of the game ✪ and create lasting relationships with my fellow competitors.


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