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Dear Sir/Madam:

               This is Mr.Seyed Vahid Askari Nejad Moghadam, holding certificate number: 394, Passport  NO: Y48310883, born in Shiraz, but since the childhood I grew up in Tehran, capital of Iran. I finished all my school years in Tehran and having graduated from high school, like all other Iranian students who wish to continue their education in higher levels, I took part in University Entrance Exam and was accepted in Teachers Training University, in English course, the school subject in which I was so eager since the beginning and always scored number one among my classmates. No wonder, finishing the university, I was employed in Iran Education system as an English teacher teaching for 30 years and got retired about 5 years ago. Through these years, I have been mainly involved with teaching English language courses for students of high schools as per the curriculum of Iran education system. However, after a while, I decided to promote my teaching skills and teach English language skills for ESL and EFL candidates. So, I applied for teaching English conversation courses at Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research (known as ACECR) and passed their TTC courses. Having accepted there, I started teaching English conversation courses to adults as a part-time job and that was a unique opportunity to even boost my teaching approaches and skills as a young teacher, through which I applied STUDENT CENTER METHOD as my teaching approach. Following that, I was invited to teach general academic English courses at Iran Medical University (EMS: English for Medical Science) through which I got involved with academic students in a couple of universities and colleges as well.

 Besides, English language skills and conversation courses (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) I got busy with teaching advance courses such as IELTS, TOEFL, MCHE/MHLE, MSRT, Tolimo courses in ACECR of Iran Medical Science University and English Courses for students who apply for Master Degree and PhD courses. Along with these courses, teaching article and scientific writing, thesis statements, research papers and so forth, is another field of activity in which I am well-known. I have run and launched quite couple of one-day or two-day workshops concerned with various English language skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing), Personal and Organizational Development, business negotiating and meetings and so forth.

 I am also member of Simultaneous Translator and Interpreter Association of Iran which led me to get involved with quite a number of international conferences and events.

I have written couple of books concerned with English skills such as grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension tests for different levels of education such as high school students up to Master Degree or PhD candidates and on various demands out of which the ISBN numbers are as follows:

1)      978-600-126-617-1

2)      978-600-142-023-8

3)      964-90584-4-3

4)      964-509-086-5

5)      964-326-614-1

6)      964-509-177-2


I do also freelance editing for scientific research papers and journal articles to be released in different international journals and web sites and have been the editor of article abstracts for Social Welfare Quarterly Magazine and Khazar University in Azerbaijan. In gist, my main interest falls on reading and writing a lot of a vast variety of options starting with social to scientific articles.

  As I was following my career as an English Teacher, I decided to try a new career and open a new realm of activity through which I can put my English knowledge and skills in another path of endeavor. So I picked up Business and Commercial Courses and started getting to know more in this field of science by self-studying. Later on, I got some positions and job offers as the Int’l Marketing Manager for couple of domestic and International companies involved with international laws and business affairs. I do also teach commercial correspondence as free courses. So far I have written quite number of business articles released in WFZO Weekly Newsletter among which I can refer to some of them as follows:

  1. Crisis Management Initiatives
  2. The World in Post-Covid 19 Era

          I have been to vast variety of countries from East to West, on different occasions and situations such as Frankfurt Book Fair, Canton Fair and some more including Germany, Switzerland, France, Greece, Italy, China, Korea, Malaysia, India, Oman, Jordan, etc.

During my leisure time, I devoted myself to my favorite sport, basketball, in which I played as the center for Homa Basketball Club for about 10 years and I have also been the coach of some school teams. Along with basketball, I am deeply fond of swimming, hiking and cycling.

Considering all the facts aforementioned, I still believe that I can get my job career and skills developed through placing myself into new fields of activities and challenges.

I am ready to even hold a phone call interview on demand and whenever you find it at your convenience. My great honor and eternal gratitude goes to you on receiving your kind reply and comments which are highly admired in advance.






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