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To achieve the acme in the field of sales, marketing, operations & problem solve techniques by working assiduously to achieve zenith of competency level and most importantly becoming a responsible and contributing team-man to the cause of company’s growth and excellence in career ahead. Nevertheless to say, I am in search of an opportunity which is beneficial to the organization and me.




§   10+ years of experience. §  Conducted surveys and analyzed results.
§   Established and improved client communications; maintained ongoing relationships.

§   Addressed customer inquiries; interpreted and delivered information; proposed suggestions; provided guidance; identified, investigated and negotiated conflicts

§  Coordinated, planned and contributed at trade shows and special events.

§  Reviewed and analyzed insurance applications and documents; expedited materials; evaluated and audited medical data.







Bachelor of University of Karachi, 2002 (Pakistan )








1.      Credit Analyst& Processor  (From September, 2015 till date)-   

Emirates Islamic 



     Duties and responsibilities at Emirates Islamic è

Ø  Preparing Offer Letters as per the HOC approvals.

Ø  Evaluating Proposals on the applicants past repayment history.

Ø  Collateral tracker to be maintained for all Corporate secured funding.

Ø  Review the complete set of documents prior to disbursal of the facilities.

Ø  Handling Physical files for all the cases of corporate channel assigned.

Ø  Maintaining TAT sheet for the cases Processed & ensuring that the TAT is met.

Ø  Conducting all necessary checks for the proposed cases on the documents provided.

Aseel Islamic Finance ( FGB-SME)


As Senior.Sales Executive.( From 08 Mar 2014 to 30 July 2015)







                      Duties and responsibility at Aseel Islamic Finance è 

Ø  Initial review of all applications sourced by the team prior to processing of the File.

Ø  Data entry of all applications sourced by the team & scanning the required documents in the case.

Ø  Initial review of all applications sourced by the team prior to processing of the File.

Ø  Review on all the disbursal documents to be submitted post approval

Ø  Coordinating with the operations team for the disbursals in the specified TAT.

Ø  Acting Team Leader, Responsible for Handling Team and ensuring that the Individuals Target is achieved.

   3. MAF Finance LLC. (Najm Credit Cards)

As Sales Executive. From 20 August..2011 To 31.December .2013.





      3.  Assistant Team Leader (From May, 2013 to August 2013) – Barclays



    Duties and responsibilities at MAF Finance è

  • New business acquisition through open market sourcing.
  • Visiting companies and listing them with bank.
  • Identifying potential customers generating business through cold calls.
  • Insuring regulatory compliance in every customer sourced.
4- Barclays bank (Dubai) Credit card )

As Sales Executive from July,2007 to Dec, 2010







Duties and responsibilities at Barclays bankè

  • Selling of corporate products (PDC Loans).
  • Visiting companies and listing them with bank.
  • Maintaining effective business relationship.
  • Providing quality customer service in accordance with the customer’s requirement.
5 – UM Medical Center (Malaysia)

As call center officer March 2006 to April 2007


  • I have expanded 5 unlisted companies listed with Barclays as per bank Procedure and policy.





               Duties and responsibilities at UM Medical center è

  • Properly directed inbound calls in phone queues to improve call flow.
  • Made reasonable procedure exceptions to accommodate unusual customer request.
  • Provided accurate and appropriate information in response to customer inquiries
  • Developed effective relationships with all call center departments through clear communication
  • Built customer loyalty by placing Follow – up calls for customer who reported products issues.






Nationality                                     :  Pakistani

Date of Birth :  22th Nov 1976
Marital Status :Married
Visa Status :  Employment Visa
Driving License


:  Valid UAE Driving License



Languages Level




Read, Write & Speak



Read ,Write & Speak


Read, Write & Speak

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